Whether you are looking for profound divrei torah on the weekly parsha, divrei chizuk for your weekly gemara shuir or just a short vort to use at a simcha, visit Divreitorah.net

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Whether you are looking for profound divrei torah on the weekly parsha, divrei chizuk for your weekly gemara shuir or just a short vort to use at a simcha, you have come to the right place.

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On these pages you will be able to find the finest Torah insights for your every need. Divrei Torah for Pesach, Shavuot, Yom Tov and Succot; divrei Torah for shevah brachos, Chanukah and Purim. The articles will range in level and we will strive utmost to deliver something for both the beginner as well as the advanced learner. It is our aim to offer the best Torah insights available to the largest audience, thus making the glory of Torah shine far and wide.

In addition to this we will from time to time feature articles on a range of other Jewish topics such as ethics, kashrut, prayer, environment, marriage and relationship appealing to all audiences.

New on Divreitorah.net

⇒  Please feel free to browse the freshly uploaded Darchai Noam, reflections on Parshat Hashavuah from Rabbi Allon Ledder. Here you will find both a fresh davar Torah every week as well as as and archive of articles written in the past. The archive will be growing slowly and we hope that you will come back again and again and enjoy these brilliant perspectives looking to the Torah as a guide book for life..

From this weeks Darchai Noam – How can the Parsha help us grow this week?:

Terumah 5778 – getting the balance between the two categories of mitzvot – We are all familiar with the popular song “Dayenu” that we sing on the Seder night. One of the clauses of the song is as follows: “If You would have brought us to Har Sinai but not given us the Torah it would have been enough”. This is hard to understand.  [read more…]

⇒  We have also begun uploading She’elot uTeshuvot from Rabbi Ari Shvat. Rabbi Shvat is a senior lecturer at Michlelet Orot Israel, Midreshet HaRova, Midreshet Moriah, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Yeshivat Hakotel and the Israeli Army Air Force. He is also Director of the archive at Beit HaRav Kook.

From She’elot Uteshuvot:

Question: What does the common term “Lord of hosts” mean?
Answer: The Hebrew term is, “Hashem Tzva’ot”, which literally means ‘the God of armies” (check in any dictionary, the singular: tzava=army), and refers to different aspects of the strength of God. This is just another example of how it’s illogical and [read more…]

⇒ Every week, Rabbanit Chaiya Danielle Ledder writes an inspiring insight under the headline “Parenting & the Parsha“.

From Parenting & the Parsha:

Parshat Mishpatim 5778 – Parenting and the parsha –  When Moshe told the people all the words and commandments of Hashem, they said “they will do” and when he read the Book of the Convenant to them, they said “na’aseh v’nishma” (which is literally translated as “we will do and we will listen.”  [read more…]

One who cites a source brings redemption to the world…

Our articles are written by orthodox Rabbanim, Torah teachers, laymen and women from all over the world and from all walks of life. Whether constantly submerged in Torah study or only delving into the depths of knowledge when time lends itself, our authors all strive to bring Torah light to every corner of the world.

So in the spirit of “והאומר דבר בשם אומרו, הא למדת כל האומר דבר בשם אומרו מביא גאלה עולם, שנאמר, ותאמר אסתר למלך בשם מרדכי” (אסתר ב:כ”ב (“It has been taught that one who quotes a source brings redemption to the world, as it is said: “Esther told the king in Mordekhai’s name.”(Megillat Esther 2:22), we strongly encourage you to quote the original authors of the divrei Torah you might choose to use.

Likewise we kindly request that you do not reproduce any article or part thereof, either online or in written form, without the expressed consent of Divreitorah.net

We hope you will enjoy our site and soon come back for more Torah light and learning.

With Torah blessings – בברכת התורה

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