Darchai Noam 5778 – On Parshat Hashavuah and our daily lives

The passuk in Mishlei (3:17) describes the Torah as follows: “Its ways are ways of pleasantness (Darchai Noam) and all its paths are peace”. The Torah is our guidebook for life. It is packed full of good advice as to how we should live our lives.

The aim of Darchai Noam is to examine an idea from the weekly parashah relating to good middot (character traits). It will focus particularly on treating each other with respect and how to interact with each other in a more peaceful and pleasant manner. It will also suggest some practical tips for implementing these ideas in our daily lives.

By learning together regularly, and making an effort to put the ideas into practice, with Hashem’s help we can all gradually improve our character traits and our observance of ‘v’ahavta l’re’echa kamocha’ – loving one’s fellow as oneself.

You are welcome to use the content of Darchai Noam in any way that will help to spread the learning of Torah. However please attribute credit appropriately.

Many of the ideas that I use in Darchai Noam are based on ideas that I read or heard from various sources. Where possible I try to quote the source. However in some cases I cannot recall the source. For that I apologise. If I do discuss an idea that I heard from somewhere else, any errors are purely my own.

Darchai Noam Archive 5778

Bereishit Shemot Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim
Bereishit Shemot Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim
Noach Vaera Tzav Naso Vaetchanan
Lech Lecha Bo Shemini Beha’aloscha Eikev
Vayera Beshalach Tazria Shlach Re’eh
Chayei Sarah Yitro Metzorah Korach Shoftim
Toldot Mishpatim Acharei Mot Chukat Ki Teitzei
Vayeitzei Terumah Kedoshim Balak Ki Tavo
Vayishlach Tetzaveh Emor Pinchas Netzavim
Vayeishev Ki Tisa Behar Matot Vayeilech
Miketz Vayakhel Bechukotai Masei Haazinu
Vayigash Pekudei Zot Habracha

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Rabbi Allon Ledder

Rabbi Allon Ledder grew up in Sydney, Australia. He worked as a corporate lawyer in Sydney and Melbourne for 16 years. While working as a lawyer he received smicha from Rav Doniel Channen. He lives with his family in Nof Ayalon, a yishuv near Modiin in Israel. Rabbi Ledder continues to learn and to teach Torah. He also practices Australian law as a partner at Moisson Lawyers, Melbourne.

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